Who are Hampton Hire?

We are Hampton Hire Ltd, a family run business based in Hereford with over 20+ years of experience in delivering a top-quality service to a variety of customers! Melanie and Robin started the company in 2001 with only a couple family members helping out in the busy summer season. Fast-forward to today, they now have a hard working team surrounding them who consistently meet the demands and standards expected by customers.

We are experts in providing specialist services and offering a large range of furniture and catering equipment for hire. We understand the events industry can be very demanding and stressful but with our expert team on hand, we work hard to ensure the smoothest service possible.

We are ideally positioned in Herefordshire, while consistently supplying the surrounding areas of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Gwent and Powys. From large weddings in the Cotswolds, to corporate events at Silverstone and to small parties in the hills of Wales, you should never disregard us from supplying your event. Whether you think you are too far, or your event is too small, we will put in our upmost effort to fulfil your order.


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